Yay! The newspaper says I don’t have to floss!!!


So the Associated Press (AP) put out an article that says there is no definitive proof that flossing is actually beneficial.  Wow!  And after all these years of dentists and hygienists telling you to floss!

Well, if you read the article and actually evaluate it, what the article says is that there has been no truly definitive scientific study that irrefutably proves that flossing is beneficial.  They simply evaluated 25+ articles that have been published in various journals, and concluded that the studies were not sufficient to prove the hypothesis.  AP decided that.  Not dentists, not scientists, not doctors, not proven researchers.  AP.

Well, there is no definitive study that proves that walking out in front of a semi-trailer truck moving at highway speed will kill you, but I think that the logic there supersedes “scientific method”.

There is not a dentist or periodontist (gum specialist) practicing today that will tell you NOT to floss.  A toothbrush, whether manual or motorized, will only reach what the bristles can touch.  They cannot touch between the teeth, and below the gumline between the teeth. That is where floss comes in.  It WILL reach between the teeth, and below the gumline between the teeth.
Let’s give an example.  I would suspect that you routinely wash off the top of your stove/range in your kitchen.  And I am sure you get that surface clean!  But how often do you pull the range out from the cabinets and clean the sides of the range and the cabinets?  Not often, I bet.  And when you do, it is usually pretty dirty and greasy and yucky, right?
Same thing with a brush and no floss.  Can’t get between without added effort.  That added effort is floss!

People who floss have fewer cavities between the teeth, fewer gum and bone disease problems (periodontal disease), better health, and better breath. I don’t need a study.  I have been doing this for 31+ years.  I know what works, I see it every day!!!

Please floss!  And it is better to floss before you brush than after.  That way the “stuff” you floss out is better cleansed away when you brush.  7 days a week would be phenomenal!  4-5 days a week would be great!

To steal from NIKE, when it comes to flossing:  JUST DO IT !!!!