Things happen in threes! (Or “I Have a Cracked Tooth!”)

This week, I was reminded that things happen in threes.  Three different people came in with symptoms in a tooth, and all three were determined to be cracked teeth.  And all three had different manifestations of their symptoms.  And all three are going to have different treatments for those teeth.

One even told me before I checked her tooth that she thought it was cracked.  She felt that way because she had had a cracked tooth previously, years ago, and didn’t want this one to end up like that one.
She was right.  This time, she came in early in the course of her symptoms, and I am confident that placement of a crown will solve her concerns.

But all of this got me thinking about cracked teeth, and the frustration they can cause.  Cracked teeth are a tremendous nemesis to the dental profession.  They can drive patients crazy, and they can drive us to that same crazy place.

So I wrote a Q&A response for our website.  Go to, and check it out!
It is entitled “I have a cracked tooth!”

While you are there, read some other answers.  May learn something new, may not…

Happy Summer! (If it ever gets here…)
Dr. Bob