Pediatric Dental Care –Childrens’ Care

Aww, our children! The most important things in our lives! And we want our children to be healthy and happy, don’t we?

When should you bring your child to the dentist for the first time? Good question. The members of the American Pediatric Dental Association recommend that you begin taking your child to a dentist as soon as your child has teeth. But if something needs to be done when children are that young, it can be difficult and scary for someone so small and hesitant of their surroundings. What we tell people is that unless you see something that concerns you in your child’s mouth, plan on bringing them in around 33-36 months of age. At that age, they are able to realize that we are trying to help them, and they can be more involved, and therefore more cooperative in their care. But if you see something that concerns you, by all means bring them in! If they need care we can provide, we will do so. If they need care best provided by a Pediatric Specialist, we will refer you to a qualified and professional office to provide your child the care they need.

We at Miller Comfort Dental are happy to take care of the general dental needs of your children. While Dr. Miller is not a Pediatric Specialist, he was the Dental Director of the Des Moines Health Center for five years. The Des Moines Health Center provides primary dental and medical care to the children of low-income families in the central Iowa area. The patient load in that clinic comprised over 68% children. So Dr. Miller has a lot of hands-on experience with these little people! And he has young children of his own, so you know that your child will get the same quality care that his own children would receive.

And if and when it’s time for that consultation with the Orthodontist – the Braces!- we will provide you with a referral to one of our area’s excellent state-of-the-art Orthodontic Specialists for the first step in that phase of your child’s dental care.