Oral Surgery

Wow, Oral Surgery! That can sound scary, huh? Well, surgery by definition simply means removing or altering a body tissue or structure. That is why dentists have the degree “Doctor of Dental Surgery”. Because technically, removing decay and some tooth structure while doing even a simple filling is regarded as surgery.

So when we say Oral Surgery, what do we mean? We most commonly mean the removal of teeth, known as “extractions”. There are many times that removal of a tooth or teeth can readily be accomplished in the office of the general dentist. These can include removal of baby teeth ahead of their scheduled time, removal of certain teeth when orthodontic care requires it, removal of a tooth or teeth compromised by advanced periodontal disease, removal of a tooth that cannot be restored (fixed), and many other reasons. A dentist experienced in removal of teeth can make the process less scary than you think, and less time-consuming than a trip to an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon.

That being said, let us remind you that there are situations and cases where the Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon is the way to go. More advanced removals of impacted teeth, bony and skeletal repair after severe traumas, cooperative efforts and treatment with Orthodontists or Periodontists, and other situations.

We will evaluate the surgical care that you need, and either help you complete that care with us, or refer you to an outstanding Oral Surgery office to ensure that your treatment is completed to the best level possible.