Cosmetic and Esthetic Treatments

Many dentists present themselves as Cosmetic Dentists. In truth, all dentists are cosmetic dentists! We are all trained in the methods and materials used in esthetic dental care. Many dentists seek additional and extensive training in these methods, and some try to focus their practice on cosmetic and esthetic care only, while other dentists incorporate cosmetic and esthetic methods into their general practice.

Cosmetic and esthetic treatments are treatment methods used to improve the appearance of your teeth. These methods can include simple bonding of composite resins to specific areas; placement of crowns or veneers to one, two, or several teeth; replacement of old or discolored restorations (fillings) that affect your smile and your confidence; implants in your “Smile Zone”;

Really, whenever we are placing a material that is natural looking, and mimics the appearance of real teeth, we are doing cosmetic / esthetic dentistry. Ask us what options are available for your mouth, your smile, your situation. We will sit down and discuss with you what will work the best for you.