Is using an electric toothbrush really that helpful, or are they just gimmicks?

An Electric toothbrush, or a mechanical or power toothbrush as we refer to them, is an excellent addition to the quality of your home care. We highly recommend that everyone use one.

The most common brands available are the Sonicare by Phillips, and the Oral B by Braun. Both are excellent. They work in slightly different ways in that the motion of the brush head is different with the different brands. But they both do an excellent job. Which brush you use depends on your own personal taste. Ask us, because many times of the year, we have coupons you can use to lower your cost.

The Sonicare system uses “ultrasonic” vibration to move the brush head back-and-forth over 30,000 times per minute. That’s a lot of movement! There are several different models, each step up having added features and capabilties. There is also a children’s model.

The Oral B system uses a rotary-style movement, more similar to the feel of having your teeth polished in a dental office, along with a back-and-forth vibrating motion. Again, there are different models, each step up adding features and capabilities. And there is a children’s model.

There are some other models and brands on the market, and some of them may work just fine. But the research and obvious quality of the Sonicare and the Oral B brands make them the ones to choose.

Ask us the next time you are in to help you choose the one that we think will be better for you, or stop by for some advice.

Sonicare also has added a new product called the Air Floss that at first impression appears to be a wonderful new device. It will be especially helpful in cleaning around braces, and bridges, and implants. It will not completely replace flossing, but will likely be the next best thing to it. It will also be very helpful for people that cannot effectively floss due to decreased dexterity in their hands, or due to medical conditions. Ask us about it.