Is fluoride safe?

Yes, fluoride is safe. The effects of fluoride on the overall health of peoples’ teeth has been clinically proven for years. Fluoride is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to dental health.

Systemic fluoride, which means fluoride you take into your body, helps with the development of teeth from the “inside”. This fluoride is obtained through most cities’ drinking water, through fluoride supplements, and to a lesser extent through dietary sources.

Fluoride in toothpastes and rinses, and topical fluoride applied at your dental office, provide protection from the “outside”. Many people have the misconception that adults do not need fluoride. Topical fluoride contact with your teeth, and with the edges of fillings and crowns, provides added protection to help prevent decay. The more edges of fillings and crowns you have (we call these “margins”), where the material meets the tooth, the more advantage and benefit you will gain from fluoride.

Remember those bulky styrofoam spongy fluoride trays we used when we were younger?  GONE!
Remember the foams and gels and lousy flavors?  GONE!
Remember having to wait 30 minutes to eat or drink after the fluoride treatments?  GONE!

We now use fluoride varnishes that are painted on your teeth  with a small brush.  No trays, foams, or gels.  The varnish sets up in seconds, and you can eat and drink within five minutes of placement!
And the varnish continues to provide fluoride coverage for hours after application, MUCH longer than the old foams and gels.

Too much fluoride ingested into your system as a child can cause discoloration or pitting of the enamel surface of your permanent teeth. This is why we strongly suggest that children do not swallow toothpaste (as well as the fact it will quite likely make them nauseous). If your home drinking water has fluoride, that is usually sufficient for your children.

If you do not have enough fluoride in your water, we can prescribe supplements that will provide the proper amount of fluoride for your children.