Old Dog, New Tricks

So last weekend was the Star of the North Dental Meeting.  This is the annual Minnesota Dental Association state convention.  It is held at the River Centre Convention hall in St. Paul.  There are many, many great continuing education speakers, in a myriad of different fields and topics.

There is a huge vendors display floor where pretty much every dental supply manufacturer and company show their latest wares, and give their best sales pitches, while giving away tons of samples and free snacks…

It’s kinda of funny (not Ha-Ha funny, but cynical funny) that the lesser known companies, or the fringe companies that are somewhat related to the dental field, but not true dental suppliers, go the way of the big Car Shows.  They hire the pretty girls and the GQ guys, dressed to the nines,  to “pull you in” to their booths, where they can sell you on their latest and greatest things.

But then the REAL dental companies have their well-trained and knowledgeable people there in force, wearing nice suits and ties, or classy business suits and dresses, and pull you in with their knowledge and expertise.

That is where I spent my time, and learned a lot about new technology, updates to previous technology, and what is still out there in the “tried and true” areas.  It is very easy to move booth to booth and compare apples to apples, and decide if we are doing what we want, or if we feel we can improve the quality of the care we provide for you here at Miller Comfort Dental of Lakeville.

It was a fun time, and I learned lots of new fun things.

Dr. Bob