I wouldn’t be so scared of the dentist’ office if it wasn’t for the Novocaine. Isn’t there another way to get numb without using a needle?

Not really.  At least not any methods that are dependable and repeatable.  There are some advanced technological systems that might work in certain circumstances, but the equipment is insanely expensive, and each appointment ends up being longer, with more appointments needed to complete your treatment plan.

But the good news is that the new widely used systems that we have to administer the local anesthetics are much more advanced, compared to even just a few years ago. Most patients are amazed how easy, and how different, it can be.

There are some offices that will provide care under sedation or general anesthesia, but it is usually very expensive, and comes with minor risks.  It is a great option for someone whose fear and apprehension would otherwise keep them from seeking care.

In most cases, the discomfort of receiving local anesthetic comes not from the needle, but from the speed and pressure with which the anesthetic liquid is injected.  We use a system called the Wand/STA System that allows us to provide anesthetic for an area, or in many cases just a single tooth.  The system has a computer chip mechanism that senses the backflow pressure against the anesthetic, based on where in the mouth the injection is being given.  The machine then regulates the speed of administration of the anesthetic, which greatly reduces the discomfort during and after the anesthetic process.