Here we go!

So, today I am entering the world of Blogging.

Do not expect Hemingway or Keats, or for that matter Suzanne.  But I will try to get some fun and informative things on this site that will maybe answer some questions you have about the world of teeth, and perhaps give you a chuckle, or a moan…

If you have a question regarding dentistry, teeth, oral health, anything, please send us that question via e-mail.  Type in the Subject of Blog Questions, and send it to

I will review those questions, and choose various of those to address in this blog.  Remember, you can go to the Q&A section of our website, and search for answers to frequently asked questions that we hear quite often.

Brush your teeth twice a day, and may the floss be with you….

Dr. Bob

Caution: New Blogger!

Hi Everybody!

I am entering the world of Blogging, so bear with me.  I am going to learn how to do this, and then I am going to do this.  I will try to stay on a regular schedule, but that will be proven as we go.
So check back now and then, and see what’s new for you to Chew On!

Dr. Bob

Welcome to “Chew On This”!

Our new blog, Chew On this, is one new way we can stay in touch with you! It will feature informative, educational and entertaining posts from Dr. Miller, the Miller Comfort Dental team and various guests.

Check back often!