What are Sealants?

Sealants are a resin coating applied to the grooved surfaces of permanent back teeth to significantly reduce the incidence of decay in those teeth. We like to apply sealants to permanent 6-year and 12-year molars as soon as they have come in (erupted). Occasionally we will recommend sealants for various other back teeth.

The chewing surfaces of your back teeth, especially the molars, have grooves we call fissures. These fissures may not appear deep to your eye, but at a microscopic level, they are narrower than even the bristle of a toothbrush. But these grooves can be like four-lane highways to bacteria! By cleaning and then sealing over these grooves, we can reduce the chance of you developing decay on those surfaces by as much as 80-90%! You can still get cavities if you don’t take care of your teeth, but this is a wonderful method of help. Note that sealants only protect the chewing surfaces. They do not help between your teeth. So, YES! You still have to floss!

At Miller Comfort Dental, we go a step beyond standard sealants. We clean and etch the grooves, and then use a bonded liquid material more similar to filling material, called “flowable composite”, to seal your teeth. We do this at no extra charge beyond a standard sealant fee. We feel that the strength and lifespan of this type of sealant is far superior to standard sealant material. And we guarantee those sealants for life. If we place your sealant, and it chips or fails, we will replace it for you at no charge.

Sealants are painless and quick to place. You can eat and drink immediately after you leave our office. And most insurance providers will cover the cost of sealants for your children through 14 or 15 years-of-age. And even if they aren’t covered, the cost to you for four molar sealants is about the same as the cost of only one tooth-colored back tooth filling. And without sealants, we can almost assure you will develop one or more cavities in those teeth.